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Onyedikachi Madueke, Celestine Nwosu, Iheonu Umunna Jean-Allens

Volume:2 Issue: 5

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Onyedikachi Madueke, Celestine Nwosu, Iheonu Umunna Jean-Allens
Department of Political Science, Abia State University, Uturu.

Madueke, Onyedikachi, et al. "THE CHINESE FACTOR IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF POST COLD WAR AFRICA." Int. J. Arts&Humanities, vol. 2, no. 5, May 2018, pp. 291-305, Accessed 2018.
Madueke, O., Nwosu, C., & Jean-Allens, I. (2018, May). THE CHINESE FACTOR IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF POST COLD WAR AFRICA. Int. J. Arts&Humanities, 2(5), 291-305. Retrieved from
Madueke, Onyedikachi, Celestine Nwosu, and Iheonu Umunna Jean-Allens. "THE CHINESE FACTOR IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF POST COLD WAR AFRICA." Int. J. Arts&Humanities 2, no. 5 (May 2018), 291-305. Accessed , 2018.

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China, Development, Africa, Trade, Relation

The economic boom of China has placed her as a major player in the corridors of world economy. China has grown to become the largest economy in the world by GDP PPP and Second largest by GDP nominal. She is the world largest exporter and also one of the largest Foreign Direct Investors in the world. This profile is of great and significant importance to Africa that happens to share same Global South status with China. In the spirit of south-south cooperation, China considers herself blessed to be a blessing to other developing countries in the world. China's engagement with Africa after the cold world era presents both opportunities and challenges to Africa. Through trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Development aid and military assistance, China has overtaken the western countries in being at the lead in the development of post cold war Africa. China has overtaken western economies as Africa's largest trading partner with the engagement cutting across natural resources extraction, agriculture, manufacturing and investment. Africa engages with China freely without fear of ideological infiltration, hence she is more receptive to China than the west and this is because, unlike the western economies, China does not attach conditionalities and political interest to her loans and development aids to Africa. This paper examines how the china engagement with Africa since the end of the cold war has so far contributed to the development of Africa. The paper indentified the threats and opportunities in the China-Africa engagement and also advanced some recommendations for policy option.

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